Harrisburg University adheres to all applicable federal, state, and local statutes and regulations. Although the IRS does not require institutions to provide a 1098-T to non-resident aliens, HU typically receives a large number of requests each year from non-resident students so we had taken the approach to generally report all students regardless of their residency status. 

In the summer of 2019, in consultation with the IRS and HU’s legal counsel, we have reinterpreted the IRS regulations regarding non-resident aliens without a valid SSN/ ITIN. Thus, even though you may have received the form 1098-T in the past year(s), we cannot provide form1098-T to a student without a valid SSN/ITIN. 

If you have a valid SSN/ITIN, you can share it with Business Office via myHU > Finance > SSN/ITIN Form.

Please do not email your SSN/ ITIN!